3 Big Reasons to Hire an Auto Accident Attorney ASAP

Have you been injured as the result of an accident that wasn't your fault? Is the insurance company trying to agree to pay for repairs to your vehicle but they're refusing to compensate you for anything else? Insurance is a business just like any other and that means that they want to see a profit. If insurance companies paid out on all of the false claims that they receive, they would swiftly run out of money and go bankrupt. Unfortunately, this means that legitimate claims like yours tend to fall by the wayside. Thankfully, hiring an attorney can get you the money you deserve. Here are some advantages of hiring an auto accident attorney:

1. Instant credibility

Claims filed without the assistance of an auto accident attorney may be dismissed out of hand by many insurance companies. Insurance companies are forced to conclude that the lack of an attorney means that the claimant (you) was unable to convince anyone else of the reality of the claim. It doesn't matter that there are other reasons for not seeking out an attorney right away, such as being too injured to even think about it, this is the policy that the agents often follow. When you have an attorney, it shows the insurance company that there is at least some merit to your claims and that they should be looked at more closely.

2. Faster resolution

Once the insurance company is taking you seriously, they're going to be more eager to get everything settled to everyone's satisfaction as quickly as possible. Even if they are still reticent, an auto accident attorney will be familiar with the right words and phrases to use to get around any red tape that the insurance company has in place, allowing you get your settlement as quickly as possible.

3. Higher payout

A lot of people accept the first settlement offer that they get from the insurance company without realizing that the offer was quite low and that they could get more. An auto accident attorney who has been practicing for a while will be able to help you to determine if the settlement offer that you're getting is reasonable or if you should be holding out for more money. It may be worth it to accept the first settlement from the insurance company, it may not be. Only you and your attorney will be able to determine what's best for your situation.

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