Three Factors That Determine Whether Or Not Your Settlement Is Sufficient

Being involved in an accident is stressful but settling the accident claim is sometimes a more stressful experience. Often, accident victims wonder whether or not their settlement is sufficient. If you have this concern in the back of your mind as you approach the claims process, learn about some of the factors that can help you determine if the settlement is accurate and fair.

Completed Medical Documentation

Although personal injury cases must adhere to the time constraints of a statute of limitations, it is very important for victims to not rush to file and settle a claim. As long as your claim is filed before the time limit, it does not matter how long it takes to settle it.

Cases that are rushed often have inaccurate and incomplete medical documentation. Limited medical information can cause a victim's injuries to be undervalued, and therefore, leave them with a settlement that is not sufficient for their needs. It is important to be patient and undergo a complete medical review before you accept a settlement offer.

Long-Term Prognosis

A settlement offer cannot be deemed fair until the long-term prognosis of the victim's needs has been assessed and factored into the case. Take someone who suffered a severely broken leg during the collision, for instance. If the person worked in a role that required them to stand all day, they may be unable to work during their recovery. 

The only way this case could be settled correctly is if the value of the victim's lost wages is included within the settlement for the duration of the period, they anticipate being unable to work. If the settlement only included costs for medical treatment, it would not be accurate. 

An Attorneys Help

Did you have the help of an attorney during the settlement process? If the answer is yes, you can be far more confident that the value of the offer is fair. On the other hand, if you embarked on the process all by yourself, you may have missed important details that impacted the value of your claim.

It is always a good idea to speak with an attorney about filing a claim to ensure your case is handled correctly and so that you receive all forms of compensation that you are entitled to. The settlement process for each accident claim varies, so it is important to have someone examine the specifics of your case to determine if you are on the correct course for a fair settlement.

For more information about accident settlements, contact a local car accident attorney, such as one from Cok Kinzler PLLP.

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