How Can a Bicyclist Handle the Aftermath of an Accident with an Automobile?

Motorists operating cars and trucks should always share the road with bicyclists. While many streets have bike lanes for bicyclists to use, not all do, and that is why drivers need to remain cautious when operating a vehicle around them. They should also be aware of whether bicyclists or motorcyclists can drive in between lanes of traffic.

Unfortunately, when drivers become distracted and are no longer aware of their surroundings, they can create a serious issue. The driver of a vehicle could end up hitting the bicyclist, causing extensive injuries to that person because of the severe impact.

1. Why Are Bicyclists More Likely to Sustain Injuries When Involved in an Accident?

Anyone can sustain different injuries after getting into an auto accident. Still, bicyclists have a greater risk of suffering from extensive injuries that could leave them impaired and with multiple permanent disabilities. Unlike other motorists who have their vehicles to provide a bit of a barrier between themselves and the other vehicle involved in the collision, the bicyclists do not have that barrier. When a car hits the bicycle, it could send the bicyclist up into the air and then land on the ground with force. When something happens, the bicyclist may sustain head and body injuries because of the blunt force. The injuries that can occur include:

  • Concussion
  • Lacerations
  • Fractures
  • Amputation of one or more body parts
  • Damage to the spine
  • Heavy bruising
  • Broken ribs

A bicyclist could end up with all of these injuries and more if the accident involving an automobile is too severe. If they have a case, they could work with an auto accident attorney.

2. How Can Bicyclists Recover Financially From the Major Medical Expenses?

Other than the number of horrible injuries a bicyclist could have and need to recover from, there are those high medical bills that start rolling in. Sure, the bicyclist may have health insurance, but that does not mean their insurance plan covers the full cost of all treatments needed for them to heal and eventually feel even the slightest bit better. Many people involved in accidents still end up getting charged for hospital visits, surgical procedures, and more. It may seem nearly impossible for a bicyclist to recover from everything they have gone through financially, but there is an excellent way to get help. The bicyclist would need to talk with an auto accident attorney. The attorney's job is to understand how the accident happened between the bicyclist and the other vehicle before working on getting the bicyclist compensated from the driver's auto insurance company.

Trying to get in contact with the auto insurance company to request compensation alone is not something that anyone who has been in an accident wants to do. When an auto insurance company does reach out to victims, they often want to settle for a lower amount than what the victim could potentially get for damages. If the bicyclist wants to receive enough compensation to cover relevant bills or needs, they should have an auto accident attorney putting up a fight for them.

Whenever a bicyclist gets into an accident with the driver of an automobile, they will likely sustain some injuries. Some bicyclists will have worse injuries than others, but they should always get professional legal help from an auto accident attorney. The attorney works for them to get the bicyclists compensated when injuries have occurred. A reasonable attorney can figure out what the auto insurance company should provide to the bicyclist due to the specific damages sustained, the medical treatments required to recover, and the massive financial hit from the bicyclist being unable to work while recovering.

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