Why A Commercial Wreck Case Is More Difficult Than An Auto Accident Case

When you are involved in a typical car accident, the process is the same. Contact the police, exchange insurance and contact information with the other driver, take photographs, and receive medical attention if necessary. Then, speak with an attorney before contacting any insurance providers. However, if you are involved in a commercial vehicle wreck, the process can be much more complicated and you may need help from a commercial vehicle wreck attorney.

Your Injuries May Be Much More Serious

Because of the size and weight of commercial vehicles, your injuries are likely to be much more serious. Therefore, your medical bills may be more expensive and there will be higher expenses to address. 

Different Insurance

While most motorists are insured by an auto insurance provider, commercial drivers are insured by commercial insurance. These policies can pay out larger sums of money than auto insurance providers to make up for how much more expensive a commercial wreck can be. A settlement could easily be worth millions of dollars.

However, to avoid paying out such large sums of money, insurance providers may seek to place blame on the victim of the accident. If they can successfully do so, they may be able to reject your claim or could use this as a justification to offer a lower settlement.

The Investigation

A commercial vehicle insurance provider will begin an investigation as soon as they find out about the accident. Therefore, you'll want to contact a commercial vehicle wreck attorney immediately so you can begin your own investigation. You'll need the capabilities of an attorney, such as the right to a subpoena. You'll also want your attorney to interview witnesses when their memories are still fresh. 

Besides witnesses who have directly observed the accident, you'll need witnesses who will be able to reconstruct the accident scene. Because the commercial insurance provider is likely to dispute your claims, you will also need more solid evidence than with a conventional auto accident case. 

Common Defenses

The defense may try to argue that you did not provide the commercial vehicle with enough space or that you attempted to pass the vehicle abruptly and then slammed on your brakes. None of this may be true, but you will need to prove that your version of the event is correct. Otherwise, it will simply be your word against theirs and you may have your claim denied.

Contact a commercial vehicle wreck attorney for more information. 

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