What Happens Next After A Rabid Dog Bites Me?

When you are bitten by a dog, it's always a good idea to receive medical attention immediately even if you believe that your dog bite injury is not very severe. Some dog bites can be more serious than you might think, and you may later discover that the dog had rabies. If you were bitten by a rabid dog, once you have had your rabies shot and are certain that you are okay, it's important to immediately contact a personal injury attorney for help.

The Rabies Shot

Depending on where you are bitten, you may receive a rabies shot immediately. Also, if the dog is exhibiting signs that it has rabies, you may be given a rabies shot. Otherwise, a veterinarian will observe the dog to make sure that it does not exhibit signs of rabies. 

Acute Symptoms

You will usually experience the acute symptoms of rabies within days of having been bitten. At this point, survival for rabies is rare with only a small number of individuals who have been documented to have survived. But with early treatment, you have much better odds. Once you have recovered, you will want to explore your legal options.

Dog Bite Laws

If the dog has never bitten anyone before, which might be the case with a dog that has rabies, the owner may not be held responsible for the dog bite. However, if the dog has bitten someone before, it might be classified as a dangerous dog, and the owner would then have their dog regulated under dangerous dog rules. A dog owner may also be held liable if they allow their dog to run loose at night. 

Compensation for a Dog Bite

The first thing that your personal injury attorney will attempt to determine is if the dog owner has a homeowner's insurance policy. This policy may provide coverage for your dog bite and you will have to go through the insurance provider to receive a settlement rather than suing the dog owner directly.

When Your Dog Bite Case Will Go to Court

If the dog owner is not covered by a homeowner's insurance policy, you will then need to discuss with your attorney whether it would make sense to file a lawsuit against the owner. You must make sure that the time required and the cost of filing the lawsuit is worth the effort.

Talk to a local attorney to get more information. 

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