Common Reasons You May Need To Retain A Lawyer After An Auto Accident

When you are involved in a car wreck, you may think that there is no reason to take legal action against the other driver. After all, resolving the incident should be as simple as exchanging insurance information and making a claim to recover money for your damages.

However, simple resolutions like this are not always possible, leaving some victims without any other way to get justice and compensation. To ensure that you can resolve your wreck as efficiently and affordably as possible, you can hire a lawyer to represent you after an auto accident.

Securing Insurance Information

You may need to retain a lawyer to obtain the insurance information from the other driver that was involved in the auto accident. This person may not want to hand over their policy details because they may believe that you caused the wreck. The other driver may believe that they have just as good cause to take action against you and your insurer.

When you retain an auto accident lawyer, however, you can quickly establish who is to blame for the wreck. Your attorney can obtain a police report, as well as video surveillance and dashcam footage, to show what happened. Based on this evidence, they can quickly prove that you did not cause the wreck and are entitled to file a claim against the other driver.

Filing a Lawsuit

Even with the evidence in hand, the other driver and their insurer may still refuse to pay your claim. At this point, your auto accident lawyer may decide to file a lawsuit against both of them.

The lawsuit will compel the responsible driver and their insurer to admit guilt or face off against you in a trial. The burden of proving that they have no fault in the wreck will be theirs to bear.

With a lawsuit filed against them, the driver and insurer may want to offer a settlement to close the case without going to court. Your auto accident attorney can negotiate that settlement and make sure all of your damages are included in its sum.

An auto accident can be ample grounds for needing to retain a lawyer. Your auto accident attorney can prove that you did not cause the wreck and have legal recourse. Your lawyer can also file a lawsuit or negotiate a fair settlement. 

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