How New Technologies Can Distract Older Drivers

The technology found in newer cars is more sophisticated and allows for drivers to get more out of their vehicles. However, older drivers sometimes find newer technology to be more distracting. For example, infotainment systems can distract older drivers and lead to auto accidents. If you are involved in an accident, you may want to find out if it was caused by the other driver's infotainment system.

The Role of Technology in an Accident

A driver will likely not admit when they were distracted while driving unless you're very lucky. However, an auto accident attorney will launch an investigation to find out whether you can prove that the other driver was distracted by the infotainment system. Even basic features, such as windshield wipers, might be much more difficult for some people to manage.

While some might disagree with the implementation of infotainment systems, the driver is still ultimately responsible for any accidents that they cause when the accident is the result of negligence. A driver is supposed to remain focused on the road and should only fiddle with the technology in the car when pulled over.

Vehicles also have technologies implemented that are meant to make the vehicle safer, but these technologies are not always fully tested. Your auto accident attorney will need to assist you when investigating whether the accident was the result of a defect in the technology or driver error.

How to Prove That Technological Distractions Caused the Accident

Since the driver might not admit that they were distracted before the accident, your attorney will need to gather evidence. For example, there might be recorded data on the vehicle that shows that the infotainment system was being used at the time of the accident.

The debris left at the scene of the accident and how far the debris has been thrown can also calculate whether the driver was paying attention right before the accident. For example, the lack of skid marks can indicate that the driver did not brake and may not have realized that an accident was imminent. 

Anything Can Be a Distraction

For drivers who are trying to remain focused on the road, blinking lights might still be a distraction. If a device talks to the driver, they might become distracted and confused while operating the vehicle. Distractions affect the ability of a driver to pay attention to other aspects of driving and should be factored in when determining the cause of the accident.

Talk to an auto accident attorney for more information.

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