The Importance Of Hiring An Assertive Motorcycle Accident Attorney

State driving laws require motorists to share the road equally with motorcyclists. However, many drivers do not obey these laws. If anything, they may try to force motorcyclists off the road or fail to pay attention to them.

Motorists' lack of awareness of motorcyclists on the road many times leads to serious wrecks. If you have been involved in an accident while riding your motorcycle, you can hire an assertive motorcycle accident attorney to help you exercise your rights as a victim.

Proving Liability

The motorist who caused the wreck may try to blame you for what happened. He or she may say that you were not paying attention and purposely drove into his or her lane of traffic. This person may also try to say that you were speeding and engaging in dangerous behaviors while riding.

However, your motorcycle accident attorney can prove who bears the blame for the wreck by using evidence in the case. He or she may use the traffic accident recreation and police reports to show how fast you were going and in what lane of traffic you were when the wreck occurred. He or she may also use dashcam footage from your motorcycle or the other vehicle involved in the wreck to show what really happened.

This evidence can shift suspicion away from you and onto the rightful party. The court can decide in your favor and order the responsible person to make legal and civil amends with you.

Suing for Damages

The evidence in the case can be enough to garner a solid judgment from the court. The judge or jury may award you a judgment that gives you access to the responsible party's wages or income. The court may also allow you to levy the person's bank accounts or put liens on his or her assets.

To avoid this possibility, however, the responsible party may want to settle out of court with you. His or her legal team can make a settlement offer to your motorcycle accident attorney. Your attorney can then negotiate a higher sum if necessary to get you the highest possible sum of money.

An assertive motorcycle accident attorney can provide important benefits to wreck victims like you. He or she can show what really happened in the wreck and divert blame from you. He or she can also file a lawsuit and pursue a judgment or settlement.

To learn more, contact a motorcycle accident lawyer.

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