Why Victims Should Consult With DUI Injury Attorneys After Their Auto Accidents

If a drunk driver collides into your vehicle and the result is an injury, there are different protocols you need to follow compared to standard auto collisions. You'll have the right type of guidance every step of the way when you work with a DUI injury attorney. They know these cases well and that's a benefit to you for a couple of reasons.

Compile Reports Showing Level of Intoxication

There are different outcomes for victims involved in crashes with those that were under the influence of alcohol. All of them will require proof that the driver was under the influence. That makes it easier to show you're not at fault in any way for the injuries you're dealing with.

A DUI injury will get evidence on intoxication levels via blood alcohol reports, which should have been gathered by the police or medical facility that treated the defendant after the collision. Having access to this data helps you see how impaired the defendant was and thus how much at fault they really are. Then you and the attorney can set up your case accordingly.

Correctly Handle Settlement Offers

For insurance companies that work with defendants that are charged with DUIs, they don't have a very good chance of having lawsuits go away. They will end up paying most of the time, which is great for you because a settlement offer will come your way.

You won't mishandle it if you hire a DUI injury attorney that knows the settlement process and monetary values they should come from it. They can tell if you're getting a good settlement or not by making a note of all costs related to your DUI injury accident.

Assist in Receiving Punitive Damages

As mentioned earlier, DUI injury accidents are different than your standard accidents with non-impaired motorists. This is true for the type of damages you can receive after an accident with a drunk driver. Specifically, you can get punitive damages in some cases.

These are intended to punish the person that decided to drink and drive, thus causing your accident. A DUI injury attorney can improve your odds of receiving these damages by the way they frame your case. They'll show the gross negligence of the drunk driver, making it easy for the court to side in your favor on receiving more compensation.

You don't want to handle a DUI injury case alone because you can make mistakes that create added stress and complications. Let a DUI injury attorney take on your case so that it isn't mishandled. 

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