Your Bicycle Might Be Responsible For Your Recent Road Rash Injury

While riding your bike, you might lose control of your bike and crash into a motor vehicle. After the accident, you might assume that you were at fault for the accident, but this isn't necessarily the case. If your bike was faulty, the manufacturer might be at fault. 

When Bicycle Accidents Usually Occur

Most car accidents involving bicycles happen at intersections. When riding your bike and reaching an intersection, you might intend to wait until it's safe. However, your bicycle might refuse to stop, and you end up riding your bike into the intersection and colliding with another vehicle.

Why Bicycle Accidents Are So Dangerous

As a cyclist, you're more likely to be in an accident because you're less noticeable than a motor vehicle. Because of your lack of protection as a cyclist, you can end up with severe injuries. 

If you lose control of your bicycle, there are usually fewer safety features to protect you than with a vehicle. For example, if a car is defective, the onboard computer can detect a problem and warn you through a dashboard indicator light. But your bicycle doesn't offer the same safety features.

Why Your Bicycle Might Have Caused Your Accident

The bicycle could be defective for a variety of reasons. The manufacturer might have designed the bike poorly. Make sure to find out if there were any recent recalls of your particular bike. If you purchased the bicycle from a bicycle shop, the shop might have assembled it incorrectly. If your bicycle was damaged, and you took it to a repair shop, the repair shop might have made a mistake when they repaired it.

To seek compensation for your injuries, you must determine who is liable. Fortunately, a bicycle attorney can help you with this process. They will investigate why your bicycle was defective to identify the at-fault party. 

Why You Must Receive Full Compensation for Your Injuries

Bicycle accidents can cause all sorts of injuries, such as road rash. This injury occurs when your body skids across the road's surface. It usually happens when you fall on concrete or asphalt. This accident most often affects the hands, arms, legs, and face.

You must take this type of injury very seriously and seek medical attention as soon as possible. While some forms of road rash are minor, others can affect your muscles and nerves and cause permanent disability and scarring. You must document these injuries so you can then receive total compensation.

Contact a local bicycle accident lawyer to learn more. 

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