4 Questions A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Might Ask After Your Collision

Were you recently involved in an accident with a motorcyclist and now have damage to your vehicle and injuries? If this is your current situation, talk to a motorcycle accident lawyer. The lawyer you consult with can ask different questions to gather more information and help with your case.

Was the Motorcyclist Weaving In and Out of Lanes?

Although many motorcyclists follow the rules on the road, others rush to get somewhere and may begin weaving in and out of lanes to get through traffic. If a motorcyclist plans to switch lanes to get ahead, they must do so safely, using their signals to let other motorists know what they're doing. However, this doesn't always happen. Your motorcycle accident attorney might ask you if the motorcyclist was rapidly moving in and out of lanes before the accident, which could indicate that they were driving rather recklessly. 

Did the Accident Occur at Night?

It helps an attorney to know if the accident happened at night when visibility is low, and it's much harder to see pedestrians and motorcyclists. If the accident occurred at night, there is a chance you didn't see the motorcyclist approaching, especially if the lights on the motorcycle were off or they didn't have any reflective clothing on their body.

Did You Notice the Motorcyclist Was Speeding on the Road Before Your Accident?

You might've noticed the motorcyclist was operating their vehicle much faster than the designated speed limit, which immediately puts them and the other motorists at risk of getting into an accident. If the motorcyclist flew by you a few minutes before the accident, you should discuss this with your attorney.

Were You Able to Get Any Footage of the Motorcycle Before or During Impact?

Having footage of the motorcyclist before or during the collision can benefit your case and help your attorney prove you weren't the one in the wrong. For example, if you have a dash camera installed, it may have captured some of the motorcyclist's antics, such as weaving back and forth from one lane to the next or continuously cutting other motorists off without using any signals. Even if you only have a few seconds of footage, it's still worth showing to your attorney, who will then use it for your case.

After your involvement in an accident with a motorcyclist, think about hiring an attorney to prove you weren't the one who caused the accident. The attorney will ask plenty of questions to determine what happened and what steps you should take next. 

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